Key Topics

Auctria is designed to be a flexible tool to help you efficiently maximize your fundraising.

Running an event can be a daunting prospect. There are a lot of moving parts to co-ordinate, and many different ways to do things.

These curated collections of pages and sections of the User Guide are connected to related topics and ideas commonly worked with fundraising events. These sections will describe some of the Key Topics and Concepts Auctria uses to help you organization and run your event successfully.

Learn about different event and auction types
Overviews of checkout operations.
Learn how integrated credit card processing works in Auctria.
Learn how Auctria tracks the guests at your event, and how to use bidder numbers.
An overview of the Communication section of the Auctria platform including emails, texting, and mobile app notifications.
Learn more about Sponsorships, adding Sponsorship items to your event, and selling Sponsorships.
The auction website can allow for Cash Donations pledged to the event as a means to start things off or capture donations after the event.
Learn about Organizations and the central role they take in Auctria.
An overview of your User Profile page showing you the organizations and events you can access.
An overview of the Financials section of the Auctria platform including credit cards and expenses.
As the old adage goes "a picture is worth a thousand words" and Auctria provides for using images on the platform with items.
Learn about different item types and how to handle special types of items in your event.
A collection of pages related to Item Donors and where to find the feature sets used with them.
A curated collection of User Guide pages related to creating and running raffles.
Overview documents related to using reports in Auctria.
Learn how tickets can be used to track the guests registered for your event.
An overview of editing and recording transactions in Auctria.

Last reviewed: January 2024
Key Topics
Curated collections of pages and sections of the User Guide connected to related key topics and concepts to help you make the most out of your fundraising with Auctria.