# Batch Checkout

If you have credit card processing enabled, you can quickly process multiple checkouts at once for all bidders that have a credit card registered to their account.

The batch checkout will process a payment equal to the outstanding balance for each bidder.

On the Checkout page, click Batch Checkout.


# Select Bidders

A list of all bidders that have an outstanding balance and a registered credit card will appear.

  • To include all bidders in the batch checkout, select the top checkbox so that all bidder names are checked.
  • To select specific bidders to include in the batch checkout, select the checkbox for the bidders you want to include.

All bidders with a green check will be included in the batch checkout.


# Process the Batch Checkout

When the correct bidders are selected, click Checkout Bidders.

A green bar appears to show that the payments are being processed.


# Cancel Checkout

To cancel the batch process, click Cancel Checkout. The current payment will be completed, but Auctria will not process any additional payments. Payments that were already processed will not be cancelled.

# Checkout Complete

When the process is complete, a success message will appear at the top of the page for a few seconds.


The payments that were processed show STATUS: Processed, and a transaction confirmation code appears in the CHARGE column. If there was an error processing a payment, an error message will appear. Each payment is processed independently, so errors for one bidder do not impact the charges for others.


Last Updated: 2/3/2021, 10:01:55 PM