# Auctria License


Licenses belong to an Organization, not to a specific user.

On the Organization window, under Information, click License.


The License Details page will appear.


From the License Details page, you can:

  • Compare Editions;
  • Apply License; and,
  • Renew Now.

# Compare Editions

Clicking on the Compare Editions button will take you to the Auctria online store where you will find the plans we offer.


# Apply License

Clicking on the Apply License Actions menu item will pop-up a window where you can enter your order ID for your account.


# Renew Now

Clicking the Renew Now Actions menu item will take you to the checkout of our Auctria online store where you will be presented a pre-populated cart using your current plan for renewal.


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Last Updated: 10/16/2019, 3:07:20 PM