# Auctria License

The subscription license belongs to the Organization, not to a specific user.

On the Organization window, under Information, click License.


The License Details page will appear.


# Actions

There are several link related to the Auctria License found under the Actions sidebar.

# Renew Now

Clicking the Renew Now Actions menu item will take you to the checkout of our Auctria online store where you will be presented a pre-populated cart using your current plan for renewal.

# Apply License

Clicking on the Apply License Actions menu item will pop-up a window where you can enter your order ID for your account.


# Compare Editions

Clicking on the Compare Editions Actions menu item will take you to the Auctria online store (opens new window) where you will find the subscription plans we currently offer.

# Reload License Information

Clicking this refreshes the license details being displayed on the page.

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Last Updated: 11/10/2020, 4:41:22 PM