# Combine Partial Lot Items

To create a basket or package of separate items, add the items individually and set the type as Partial.

You can use the Item Details page to change the type on any items that were already entered as a different type.

You can specify Donor and value information for a Partial Lot Item. There is no need to provide a starting bid and bid increments.


# View All Partial Lot Items

On the Items List, under Group, select Partial lot items. The list of all partial lot items is shown. if needed, you can further refine the list by selecting a Category or Status.


# Create the Basket

To create a Basket that will include other items, add an item with an appropriate title.

You do not need to enter any donor information for this item, since it will be pulled from the items you add to it.

Under Options, select Is basket lot/package.



Click Save Item.

# Add Partial Lot Items to the Basket

Click the Contents tab for the Basket Item.

If the Contents tab isn't available, then the Basket item does not have the Is basket/lot package option selected and saved.

In the Included partial items section click the Add icon (+ sign).


A popup window will appear listing partial lot items.

If you do not see an item you want to add, be sure the item is defined as type Partial.

If necessary, filter the list so that you can easily select the items you want to add.

If you want to select all the items listed, click the box in the upper left corner of the list so that every row has a green check mark on the left. To clear the selection for a row, click the check mark so the box is empty. All selected rows (those with a green check mark) will be added.

Click Add to Basket.


The Contents tab will list the items you added and show the total value of all items in the basket.


Last Updated: 7/29/2020, 2:52:23 PM