# Text-To-Give

Control a text based donation drive / paddle raise from this page.


There are two sections to the Text-To-Give page. Each provides the option to select a specific donation item from the auction to be used as the single default item when a person texts donate (or give) to the text messages phone number.


Using the text command donate, only, will make a donation against the default item. If the bidder wants to make a donation against another donation item, or a cash donation, they will need to specify that in their text. See Text Commands for more details.

# Example Bidder Experience Video

# Actions

  • Send Text Message
    Opens the Send Text page.
  • Send Text Statement
    Opens the Text Statements page.
  • Back to Communication
    Returns to the main Communication dashboard page.
Last Updated: 3/6/2020, 9:13:00 PM