# Mass Change Sales Tax Category

When you add an item there is a field for the sales tax category. This can also be changed from the Item Details page or any report showing the sales tax category.

The sales tax categories will often be set up after many items have already been added. In these cases, you can quickly and easily set the sales tax category for many items at once using the Mass Changes feature in Auctria.

# Modify Items to Change the Tax Category

Open the Items list from the main Auction dashboard by clicking on Items then click on All Items under the Items Actions menu.

Use the drop-down selectors to filter the Items list to only show the Items you wish to change the sales tax category for. Using the Category filter, for example, often works well if your items are organized by category.


Check to be sure the items listed are the ones you want to have their sales tax category changed.

Click the Options icon at the far-right side of the Items header bar.
Select the Make mass changes checkbox from the context menu that appears.


Two new fields will appear below the filter drop-down selectors allowing you to select the field to Change and the value to use for the on the selected records to option.

Click the arrow in the Change field to open the selector and choose "Sales tax category".


Use the drop-down selector of the on the selected records to option to select the "Sales tax category" you want to the items to change to.


Select the items you want to assign the "new" sales category to.

If you want to select all of the items listed, click the box in the upper left corner of the list. This will put a green check mark on the left of each row. To de-select a row, click the check mark so the box is empty. To select only specific rows, click their respective check box(es) only. All selected rows (those with check marks) will be modified.

Click Modify Records to make the changes.


A popup window will appear to confirm these changes. Click Continue to proceed, or Cancel to stop the modifications.


Last Updated: 7/29/2020, 3:22:55 PM