# Checkout Payment Options (updated)

When recording external payments with bids, purchases, donations, or at checkout, you have the option to record an "other" payment. The defaults are Check, Cash, and Other*.

# Video: Other Payments / Recording & Customize Options (new)

Auctria Video 2021-04-19

# Modify Payment Methods List

You can modify the list of available Payment Method OTHER tab options, as well as set the "Default payment method" for the event, via Payment Options under the Actions sidebar.


Clicking the Payment Options Action menu item will show the Checkout Options window. Click the Edit icon (blue pencil) to make changes to the options.


# Default payment method

The default payment method to select on the dashboard


# External payment options listed at checkout

Type in the names of the external payment options. Separate each name with a comma but no spaces. For example: Cash,Check,Other.

The first option listed for "External payment options listed at checkout" will be the initial option shown in the drop-down selector. In the case above, Cash will be the default.

The Payment Method panel will show a list of other payment options available.


# Send statement when payment made

This setting can be enabled by selecting an option from its drop-down selector.


If this setting is enabled (a green check mark will appear beside its menu item), a purchase statement/receipt will be sent to the bidder/purchaser with every completed purchase. Leaving this disabled would allow for end-of-event batch-style processing for bidders providing them with a single invoice for their account balance to pay.

Statements can be sent by "Email only" or "Email and text (if available)". See Text Messages for more details on "text" availability.

Click the check mark icon to save the changes made to the Checkout Options. Click the arrow icon to close the window without saving any changes.


There are also options for you to provide for your guests to Pay Later on your auction website allowing you to accept a Cash, Check, or other form of payment at a later time for your online auction.

Last Updated: 5/25/2021, 5:30:16 PM