# Ticket Details


To access the Ticket Details page you will need to double-click on a "Ticket#" or click on the "Details" link displayed at the bottom of the pop-up window when your mouse pointer hovers over the "Ticket#" link.



The ticket SUMMARY tab has sections for the Ticket, Assignee, and E-Ticket.

  • Ticket
    • TicketId
      This is the actual Ticket#
    • Item
      This is the ticket Item# that was used in the sale of the ticket(s).
    • Purchaser
      This is the bidder that purchased the ticket and links to their Bidder Details page.
    • Created At
      This is the system timestamp for when the ticket was created and can often be a good reference for when the ticket was purchased.
  • Assignee
    • Bidder
      This is the current bidder assigned to the ticket.
  • E-Ticket
    This is a link to the "E-Ticket" that can be copied and pasted into emails, text messages, etc.


The ticket HISTORY tab will show any changes to the ticket.


# Actions

  • Email Ticket
    This will pop-up a confirmation window to email the ticket (to the bidder's email address).
  • Create new bidder & assign ticket
    This will pop-up a confirmation window to create a new "Guest of..." bidder and assign the current ticket to the newly created bidder.
  • Delete Ticket
    This will pop-up a confirmation window with a warning.

See Credit Card Refunds and Delete Purchase With Payment for more details as needed.

Last Updated: 10/25/2019, 6:00:43 PM