# Registered Cards

Registering a credit card to a bidder helps speed up the checkout process.

To register a credit card for a bidder, navigate to the Bidder Details page.

Click Register Credit Card.


On the popup Register Credit Card window, either swipe the card if you have a connected card reader, or enter the credit card number, CCV, and expiry. Click Submit.


The Bidder Details page will now show that a card is registered, and you can see the credit card details by hovering over Credit Card Details.


# Changing Credit Cards

To change credit cards, you need to remove the card that is currently registered and then register a new card.

To remove a card, hover over Credit Card Details on the Bidder Detail page. Click Remove Card.


After the card has been removed you will be able to register the new card.

Last Updated: 7/23/2020, 6:01:52 PM