# Template Reference

This page lists the fields you can use in a template to merge information.

Different forms start from different tables:

Form Table Context
Bidder Statement Bidder
Bidder Mailing Labels Bidder
Catalog (special)
Certificates Item
Display Pages Item
Donor Receipts Donor
Donor Mailing Labels Donor

# Table Reference

See the following pages for details about specific tables:

# Properties Reference

Different expressions are influenced by properties

Property Purpose Example
Collapse If the expression is null, remove the containing paragraph if it is also empty {{ AdditionalBidders # Collapse } }
Height Set the image height.
Left (Applies to images) Distance to left edge of the image. {{ Image:Logo # Left=16 } }
MarginLeft, MarginRight, MarginTop, MarginBottom (Applies to images) Margin(s) around the image.
NoCents Display currency values without "cents" portion, e.g.: $23 instead of $23.00 {{ Value # NoCents } }
NoZero If an expression evaluates to 0, don't display anything. {{ Taxable # NoZero } }
TimestampFormat Format string for how timestamps are generated. See Custom date and time formats (opens new window) for full set of allowable options. {{ CreatedAt # TimestampFormat=dd-MMM } }
Top (Applies to images) Distance from top of image. {{ Image:Logo # Top=16 } }
Width Set the image width.
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