How To Replace A User

Generally, only one way exists to replace a User Account under an Organization in Auctria.


Access to an existing User Account with admin privileges is required.
See User Permissions for more information on this.

User Accounts cannot have their email addresses modified. This is the main requirement for creating a new User Account if an old one needs replacing.

Using the existing User Account to be replaced or another User Account with admin privileges, log into Auctria, then under Organization> Users, select the Add New User function.

This will provide a simple dashboard page where you will enter the email address of the new (replacement) User Account and set an appropriate Permission Level. The permission level would need to be set to "admin" if the goal is to replace an existing admin account.

Once the replacement User Account has been created and confirmed via email, you can log into Auctria using its email and password credential set. Updating any relevant User Account details should also be made at this time; often, the first and last name will be set in those cases where the email is not obvious as to whom it belongs.

You cannot remove yourself from Auctria, and removing a User Account does require the logged-in User to have "admin" level permissions to perform the necessary action.

Go to Organization Users and select the User Account you want to remove. Click the Delete User action to remove the account. If multiple User Accounts should be removed, repeat as necessary.

A generic future-proof email account as a stop-gap or generic admin access User Account can be useful as organization staff may change over time. Creating one of these User Accounts allows for no single person or entity only to have the necessary access to manage the account successfully by always providing for a change in leadership.

These somewhat generic User Accounts, often best using the Organization's primary domain address, can be used for credit card integrations. Credit card processing service providers often prefer them over the more generic or free email service providers, such as or

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See Payment Processor Accounts for more information.

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Last reviewed: November 2023
How To Replace A User
Learn how to add a new User to replace an existing User.