# Adding Users

In order to create (or delete) users, you must be an administrator of the organization.
Also to note, you cannot delete your own User account no matter your permission level.

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# To Add A User

Click on Organization → Users → Add User (or the + icon above the user list)


You only need to provide the user's email address. Auctria, by default, will send an email to the user with a link allowing them to complete their account information (including setting their password).

# Optional Steps

  • Change the Permission level as needed from the drop-down selector, the default is User.
  • Check to ensure the Notify by email option is enabled (this will send out the "password" email).
  • Click on Save User (the blue button on the left side of the screen under Actions).

# Subscription Limits

Auctria subscription plans have limits for the number of Users.

Subscription Plan Number Of Users Limit
Explorer 3
Emerald 10
Diamond 99

NOTE: This is not the same limit on the number of guests an event can have.

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