# Organization

Auctions are managed by Organizations in Auctria. A user account can be associated with one, or more, Organizations.

The Organization functions in Auctria allow you to do, among other things, the following:

To access your Organization's settings, click Organization in the main Auction Dashboard menu.


The options available will depend on your User Permissions, many options are only available to administrators.


The DETAILS tab lets you modify the Organization name, Contact Information, and Settings.


# Organization

  • Name
    This is the name that will be used for the Organization.

# Contact Information

  • Email
    This is the main contact email address and will be shown and used with various pages and forms.
  • Bcc Email
    This email address will effectively receive copies of all emails except ones that would contain proxy bid information.
  • Billing Email
    Enter the email address Auctria should contact about billing and license renewals if different from the "Email" address above.
  • Phone
    A contact telephone number.
  • Website
    An external website address URL.

# Settings

  • Timezone
    This generally matches the physical event/auction location chosen from a drop-down selector.
  • Currency
    The default currency to be used with the auction chosen from a drop-down selector of currencies currently supported.


Use the SOCIAL MEDIA tab to enter your social media account details. These will be used in emails and the website.


The current social media sites:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • YouTube


Use the LOGOS tab to add the Organization logo. This will be the fallback if an Auction logo is not set.


See Organization Logo for more details.


The CONNECTIONS tab shows the status of the Organization email address, Stripe connections, etc.


# Actions

  • Add Auction
    Links to the "Add Auction" page. See Add New Auction for more information.
  • All Auctions
    Links to the Auctions list page. See Access All Auctions for more information.
  • Add Image
    Opens the "Choose Files" window to select images to add to the Organization. See Images for more information.
  • Auctria Balance
    Links to the "Account Balance" page (for fees associated to credit card processing not handled through Stripe). See Account Balance for more information.
  • Tag Maintenance
    Links to the "Tag Maintenance" page. See Tag Maintenance for more information.
  • Create New Organization
    Links to the "New Organization" page. See Create New Organization for more information.

# Information

  • Giving Tuesday
    Links to the "Giving Tuesday" page. See Giving Tuesday for more information.
  • License
    Links to the "License" page. See License Details for more information.
  • Users
    Links to the "Users" list report page. See User Accounts for more information.

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