Auctions are managed by Organizations in Auctria. A User Accounts can be associated with one, or more, Organizations at the same time. To access your Organizations Dashboard page, from the main Auction Dashboard, click through the Organizations entry in the sidebar menu.


An example Organization dashboard taken from a demonstration event.
 ∞ User Accounts

The Organizations Dashboard provides for many operations in Auctria such as adding New Auctions, adding User Accounts, creating new Organizations, uploading Logos, and much more. These functions and features are available based on the Permissions associated with your User Account.

 ∞ User Permissions


When you open the Organizations Dashboard the Details tab is displayed by default. This tab lets you modify some of the commonly used information for the Organization.


An example Organizations Details tab from a demonstration event.


  • Name
    This is the name that will be used for the Organization.

Contact Information

  • Email
    This is the main contact email address and will be shown and used with various pages and forms.
  • Billing Email
    Enter the email address Auctria should contact about billing and license renewals if different from the "Email" address above.
  • Phone
    A contact telephone number.
  • Website
    An external website address URL.


The email address fields used on the organizations page must use a valid email address and should only contain a single address. Addresses not correctly formatted will cause issues when sending emails.


The address used here will be copied to the Text Profile dashboard Address section.
These addresses use the same reference data.

This address, if the organization is using the Text Messages feature set, should the legal registration address for the Organization. Otherwise, if it common practice to use the local organization address here if they are not the same.


  • Timezone
    This generally matches the physical event/auction location chosen from a drop-down selector.
  • Currency
    The default currency to be used with the auction chosen from a drop-down selector of currencies currently supported.
  • Bcc Email (receives copies of all emails)
    This email address will effectively receive copies of all emails except ones that would contain proxy bid information.

Social Media

You can define the default Social Media Links for your organization which will be used on the Auction Website and in the default Email Footer. Use the Social Media tab to enter the appropriate social media account username for your organization.


An example showing some Social Media handles entered into the relevant fields.


You only need to specify the social media platform's user ID (or profile identifier) for each site. You do not need to add the full URL, Auctria will generate the correct URL link automatically using these details.

Please note, these details can also be used by the Social Bar element.

The current social media sites:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • X (formerly known as Twitter)
  • YouTube


Use the Logos tab to add the Organization logo. This will be the fallback if an Auction logo is not set.


You may add one or more images to each organization. Adding an image to an organization makes that image available to be included in the auction catalog and forms.

Images are best having less that 1MB in size. PNG, JPG, and GIF file formats are accepted.

To upload, or add, an image click the Logos tab and then click the Upload New Image button.

The precise dimension is not critical (since screen sizes will vary) although a width roughly in the following ranges will work well in most cases:

  • for "full-width" photos or images, a width of around 1200px is best;
  • for "half-width" photos or images, a width around 600px should be used; and,
  • page background images work well up to 1600px wide.

See Adding And Modifying Images under Learning Auctria for additional reference.


The Connections tab shows the status of the Organizations (Contact Information) email address, connection, etc.


An example of some connections as seen in a demonstration event.


  • Auctria Balance - Links to the "Account Balance" page (for credit card processing integration fees -- currently for Authorize.Net only). ∞ Auctria Balance
  • License - Links to the "License" details page. ∞ License Details

  • Create New Organization
    Links to the "New Organization" page.
     ∞ Create New Organization
  • Delete Organization
    This will delete the current Organization and requires a confirmation.


Giving Tuesday

Links to the Giving Tuesday dashboard.

 ∞ Giving Tuesday

Copy Standard Demo Auction

Opens a confirmation window before continuing with copying the current Auctria Demo Auction items and bidders data (only).


This will add a new event with the title based on the current Standard Demo Auction name and the date it was copied, i.e.: EnviroCare Spring Fundraiser (copied 14-Aug-2020).

Copy Online Demo Auction

Opens a confirmation window before continuing with copying the current Auctria Demo Auction items and bidders data (only).


This will add a new event with the title based on the current Online Demo Auction name, i.e.: EnviroCare Online Fundraiser.

Last reviewed: June 2023
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