# Tag Maintenance (updated)


The Tag Maintenance dashboard can be found from under the Organization dashboard Actions sidebar menu. Click through Organization from the main Auction Dashboard and then through the Tag Maintenance entry under Actions to open its dashboard page.


An example from a demonstration event.

The Tag Maintenance functions affect Tags across ALL events. If you remove a Tag using the Tag Maintenance dashboard it will be removed from ALL events.

There are two sections to the Tag Maintenance dashboard, the Unused Tags and the All Tags sections.

# Unused Tags

These tags are currently not used across all auctions and can be deleted in bulk by using the "Remove All Unused Tags" action. To remove a single Unused Tag you can click on the x within its label.


# All Tags

The All Tags section displays all tags that are currently used in at least one auction. These can also be removed one at a time by enabling the Enable used tag deletion option under the Actions sidebar.


An example where the Enable used tag deletion option is active.

Used tags would be deleted by clicking the x within the specific Tag label.

# Actions

  • Enable used tag deletion
    This option will provide an x beside the Tag labels in the All Tags section allowing the Tag(s) to be deleted. Deleting a Tag here removes it from ALL auctions.

  • Remove All Unused Tags
    This will remove all of the Tags shown in the Unused Tags section.

Deleting Tags is a permanent Action.
There is no confirmation before the Tag is permanently deleted.

Last Revised: 2022-04-05
Last Updated: 4/5/2022, 10:06:49 PM