Texting Set Up


The Text Messages feature set requires a paid subscription to be enabled. Please see Auctria pricingopen in new window for more information on our plans.

The Text Messages feature set requires a dedicated Auction phone number for the specific event.


Auctria provides a list of available numbers to choose from for your area. The Text Messages feature set cannot be set up using an external mobile telephone number.


To set up Text Messages, you must be logged in with a User Account and its User Permissions level must be set to Admin.

To set up Text Messages, go to Communication from the main Auction Dashboard. Then click on Text Settings.


Buy Phone Number

You will need to use the Buy Phone Number function if you do not have an Emerald or Diamond subscription plan (see Assign Phone Number below).


If you have not purchased the set up credit you will see a link to the online store to buy one:


Click on the link to purchase the "credit" and then come back to this page to continue with the Texting Set Up process.

Assign Phone Number

With an Emerald or Diamond subscription plan, the Text Messages feature set is included. You just need to click on the Assign Phone Number button to start the set up process.


An example screen capture from a Diamond subscription.


If you have previously used Text Messages with your Auctria organization, you can transfer your telephone number to your current event.

 ∞ How To Transfer Your Text Messages Number

Set Up Texting Wizard

The wizard will guide you through the process of selecting an area code. Currently numbers in the US and Canada can be selected.


Numbers are available in most area codes in the US and Canada. However, some heavily subscribed area codes may not return any available numbers, in this case you will need to choose a neighboring area code.


Once you have entered an area code you will be able to chose from a list of available numbers


After completing the wizard the auction phone number will be shown on the text settings page:


An example showing an Auctria Demo auction with its texting number.

Your auction phone number is now ready to use. Try texting hello to the number to see it is working.

Recommended Reading

  • Once you have your auction phone number, please ensure your Texting Profile is current and submitted. See Text Profile for more information.

Reviewed: January 2022