# Export Stripe Data

When you are using Stripe to handle credit card charges you will see transfers to your bank account that batch up the daily activity into a single amount net of fees, and taking refunds into account.

Reconciling these transfers with your auction activity can be challenging.

To make this process easier you can export a spreadsheet that details the charges and the individual transactions that make up each transfer.

# To Export Stripe Data

You must have administrator privileges to export Stripe data.

On the Credit Card window, click Stripe.com connection.


The Stripe.com Connection window appears.

Click Export Stripe Data.


A popup Download transaction data from Stripe? window will appear.

If you have multiple years of data with Stripe and want to focus just on recent transactions you can set a date to use as the starting point of the export.

Click Continue.


Running this export may take a few minutes if you have a lot of charges, but you will see a progress bar giving an idea of how long it will take.


When it finishes, you will be prompted to save the file.

The file contains two worksheets: Charges and Transfers

Charges lists one row per credit card charge and include the date, charge identifier, amount and bidder details.

Transfers lists one row for each component transaction of each transfer. The transfer id is in the second column, and if you sum up the 'net amount' column of all rows with the same transfer id then you will get the total amount of that transfer.

Most rows in the transfer worksheet will correspond to charges, and the total amount of the charge as well as the net amount (after fees) is listed. If you refunded a charge then you will see a row with a negative amount listed.

Last Updated: 7/23/2020, 5:46:48 PM