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Customize Email Header

By default, Auctria will insert a company logo into the header of emails unless an Logos or an Auction/Event Logo has been set.


Editing the Header


Changing the Header will change the header in ALL emails using the default header.

By updating/adding an Organization/Event Logo the default logo used by Auctria will change accordingly.

The Current Email section allows you to set the email Subject as well as toggle if the default header and/or footer will be used with the email.


Use a Different Header

To use a different header than the default one you would toggle the "Use default header" option to "off" and then you would need to add a new section for your Custom Header.



See the Website Editor Sidebar | Add Section for more information on how to add a section -- it works the same in the Email Editor as it does in the Website Editor.

The new section would be added to the top of the "Page" area of the email and the new rows and content added into this section would form the new "header" for this specific custom email.


Last reviewed: February 2023
Customize Email Header
Learn how to create a custom header for your emails.