# Credit Card Reports

There are two credit card reports available:

  • Credit Card Charges – all the charges that have been made
  • Credit Card Summary -- the total of all charges by their mode and status

Both of these Reports are available from the main Credit Cards page, under Actions.

Click a report title to run the report.


You can also access both reports in the Reports section by clicking Reports on the Main navigation.

  • On the Reports window, click the Financial tab.

  • Look under Payments for the Credit Card Charges and Credit Card Summary reports.

  • Click a report title to run the report.


    # Credit Card Charges Report


    Double-click a row to see details.


    # Credit Card Summary Report


    # Export a Report

    To export a report, click ACTIONS, and then click one of the export options: PDF, XLS, or CSV.


    You will be prompted to save the exported file.

Last Updated: 7/23/2020, 6:06:29 PM