# Duplicate A Bidder

To save time adding multiple bidders with similar information (e.g. several people from the same company or family), you can copy information from one bidder to the next using the Duplicate Bidder function.

Open the Bidder Details page for the bidder you want to duplicate and click Duplicate Bidder under the "Editing" sidebar menu.


The Register Bidder page appears with the current bidder information copied into the relevant fields.


  • Bidder Activity is not copied.
  • Registered credit card is not copied.

By default, when duplicating a bidder the bidder# will be the same -- linking the bidders (see Sharing Bidder Numbers for more information).

If you want the bidders to each have a separate bidder#, you must change the bidder# for the new bidder or clear the Bidder# field to allow the system to automatically assign a new number.

Also change other details as necessary.

Click Save Bidder.

See Add New Bidder for more details.

Last Updated: 11/10/2020, 9:14:43 PM