# Registered Credit Cards

If credit card processing is enabled then a bidder can have a credit card registered against their account. This card can then be charged during checkout without having to re-enter the card details.

A credit card can be registered to a bidder:

  • via the event website when they purchase a ticket or register online
  • via the event website through the My Account page
  • when the bidder is first added via the Add New Bidder page
  • through the Bidder Details page
  • at check-in via the Bidder Check-In page.

A bidder cannot have more than one registered card.

# Register A Card

On the Bidder details page, under Credit Card, click Register Credit Card.


A popup Register Credit Card window will appear.


To use an external USB card reader, click Swipe Card.

A popup Swipe credit card window will appear prompting you to swipe the card through the reader.


If the swipe is successful, then the window will close, and the card number and expiration date will appear.

When using a credit card reader, only the credit card number and expiration date are read. The Card Verification Code (CVC), found on the back of most credit cards, is not present on the magnetic strip, so it is not available by swiping the card. You can either type the CCV security code in manually or you can set the credit card settings to make the CCV security code optional.

If you do not have a card reader, simply enter the credit card number, CCV, and expiry.

Click Submit.

The Bidder Detail page will show registered card available, and the History tab will list that the card was changed.


# Viewing Card Details

If a bidder has a registered credit card then this will be shown on the bidder details page:


To view the card details click on Credit Card Details


To change credit card information, you must first remove the existing card and then add the new card.

# Remove A Registered Card

The registered card can be removed from the bidder details page.

Click on the Credit Card Details button and then click Remove Card.

A Removal Confirmation popup window will appear asking you to confirm the card removal. Click Continue.


Last Updated: 11/10/2020, 9:14:43 PM