Send Text

You can use this page to send a text message to all, or just some, of your bidders. See Choosing Bidders for more details on selecting which bidders to text.

On the Send Text page, you would write your message in the "Send Text" panel, select your Recipients (aka bidders), and then use the Send Text button under the Actions sidebar menu.



To prevent spam, telephone companies limit "normal" phone numbers from generating more than about one text per second.
If you have several hundred bidders, and you want to message all of them, it may take 4-5 minutes for everyone to receive the text.


  • Send Text
    Sends the text message to the chosen "Recipients".
  • Send to phone# if no cell#
    Option to use the bidder telephone number if there is no cell number in their Bidder Details.
  • Preview Text
    Shows a pop-up window with a preview of the text message from the "Send Text" panel.
  • Text Settings
    Opens the Text Settings page.
  • Back to Communications
    Returns to the Communication dashboard.

Example Text Messages


Text Messages can include a Template Reference using "Liquid" code.

To text Bidder Access Tokens to bidders, you could use something like the following:

Your access code is {{ AccessCode }}
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