# License Details

The License Details page highlights key License information (the plan and expiry date).

To view more detailed information, you can click on the License Button or access it through Organization -> License.

On the License Details page you can renew your license, or if you have an order number, click on Apply License.


You can also upgrade to a larger plan by just paying the difference in the price.


Upgrades do not change the expiry date of your current license.

On license expiry, accounts will revert to the Lite edition if not renewed although your auction data will remain accessible.

# License Receipts

As the Organizer, as needed, you can find your License purchase receipt email in your Auctria email history. You will need to be logged in with the email address that was used to purchase the license. This receipt can then be printed, as needed.

Open your "My Profile" page by clicking on the link under the vertical three dot menu icon in the top-right corner of the auction dashboard pages, or by clicking your email address in the top-left corner of the auction website (if you are logged in).

Click on the "View Email History" link under the Email section in the sidebar.


Scroll down in the list of emails to locate the "Auctria.com Receipt".


Click on the "eye" icon to the far right to open the email itself. A redacted sample is below.


Last Updated: 11/10/2020, 2:55:36 PM