System Email Notifications

System Email Notifications are sent to bidders via email, through the Mobile Bidding App, and Text Messages (an optional paid subscription planopen in new window is required). The following table shows what System Email Notifications can be expected and how a bidder could receive them.

TypeEmailMobileText Message (optional)Trigger4
Bidder Emails
Bidder Registration / Purchase Receipt1YesNoNo
Bidder Check InYesNoYesYes
Bidder Online AccessYesNoYes (automatic)Yes
Bidder Statement1YesNoYes (triggered)Yes
Register Credit Card RequestYesNoNoYes
Ticket Emails
Ticket Statement (Purchaser only)YesNoNoYes
Online Bidding Emails
Online Bidding: High bidYesYes3No
Online Bidding: Out bidYesYes3Yes (automatic)
Online Bidding: Raised bidYesNoNo
Online Bidding: Item won (time)YesYes3Yes (automatic)
Online Bidding: Item won (buy-it-now)YesNoYes (automatic)
Donor Emails
Donor ReceiptYesNoNoYes

Table Notes

  1. The Bidder Registration / Purchase Receipt will be sent for any purchase/registration that goes through the website's checkout page... basically when using the "shopping basket." Suppose a bidder follows a "Pay Online" link in an email to pay a balance owed. In that case, those payments will generate a Bidder Statement. Both of these are sent automatically at this point.
  2. If the bidder details get updated via the email Update link, and an email address is added, an E-Ticket will be automatically sent to the guest.
  3. The Mobile app notifications are managed via Online Bidding | Notifications settings.
  4. The Triggered Emails can be manually sent via the Trigger link. img The link will open an appropriate send email page pre-configured for the specific notification. A Recipients filter will be available before the email is sent.


System Email Notification settings manage their respective Text Message notifications (if enabled -- this is included with paid subscriptions). System Emails must be enabled to send their respective Text Message notifications.

The Bidder Registration / Purchase Receipt is automatically sent, and cannot be disabled. The Bidder Statement text message version can only be manually triggered.

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Last reviewed: February 2024
System Email Notifications
A brief overview of the system notifications used by Auctria.