Active or Inactive?

Donor information is stored per organization and not per auction. Once donor details are added, they do not need to be re-entered on subsequent auctions held by the organization.

By default, each auction will only show donors that are Active for that event. A donor is considered Active if they have item(s) or donation(s) for the specific auction/event. If the donor is not currently Active, they are considered Inactive.

The system automatically denotes a donor as Active or Inactive.

On the Donor list report page, you can change the Status from viewing "Active donors in this auction" to "Inactive donors in this auction" or "All donors".


An example taken from a demonstration event.

When adding donated Items, if you begin to type the Donor's name, an auto-complete drop-down selector will populate from all donor information not just the current Active Donors.

Last reviewed: November 2023
Active or Inactive?