Set The Website Address

If you go to your event Website dashboard and see a big red message starting No website address defined you will need to set one for your event website to be available to your guests.


To set your Website Address, start by clicking the "pencil" icon in the Website Address section to edit its information. Enter an appropriate Address suffix into the text field. You do not need to enter the "top level domain" part of the website address, you just need to enter the part that appears at the end of the website URL.


The Website Address should only use letters, numbers, hyphens (-) and/or underscores (_). The use of any other type of "special character", "punctuation", or spaces could potentially make your event website unreachable. It is also recommended the Website Address be relatively unique to your specific current event.

Setting The Website Address

As an example, enter OurGreatFundraiser-2023 into the Address field...


Click the "checkmark" icon to save your Website Address...


You will now see this information when you click through to the Website dashboard page.



Although not recommended, if you change the Address Suffix of your event website, you will need to advise those guests that have been communicated with of this change as the previous Website Address URL will no longer work to direct guests to your site.

Preferred Domain

Once you have Set The Website Address, you will then have the option of changing to another Preferred Domain. This domain will be used as needed throughout your Event Website as well as on any system notifications that include your Event Website address.

There are a number of Preferred Domain options to choose from; and, you can change to a different Preferred Domain offered by Auctria at any time.

Changing the Preferred Domain you are using will affect all places where the Event Website address is displayed including any System Notifications where it is used.


Any references to previous Preferred Domain choices for your event will still take your guests to the correct Event Website for your event.

Last reviewed: February 2023
Set The Website Address