Solicited Items Settings

How Did I Get Here?

The Solicited Items Settings dashboard is available by clicking through the Items dashboard and then, under Solicited Items, the Solicited Items Settings entry.


An example from a demonstration event.

The Solicited Items Settings dashboard provides the options to be used by the Solict Items event website row element and system page.


An example showing the default settings for the dashboard.
How To Edit Dashboard Panel Settings

You can edit panel settings by clicking on the pencil icon to open the panel for editing.


Panel in "saved" mode.

Once you have made your changes, click the checkmark icon to save these changes. If you have opened multiple panels in a dashboard, you must click each checkmark to keep their settings.


Panel in "edit" mode.

You can click the return arrow icon if you do not want to save your changes.

Fulfillment Options


The Fulfillment Options are a comma-separated list of choices to show donors for them to choose from. This feature will only be shown on the Solicit form when values have been saved. Note there may be a short delay for the event website form to update with current values.

Online Form Settings


Require An Item Description

This setting is a checkbox toggle-style option. You can require your donors to describe the item they are offering.

Require An Item Value

This setting is a checkbox toggle-style option. You can require your donors to provide a value for the item they offer.

Acceptance Workflow


The Send donor receipt when a solicited item is accepted toggle is a global setting affecting if a donor receipt is sent when "accepting" a donated item on the Solicited Items dashboard.

Last reviewed: February 2024
Solicited Items Settings
This dashboard handles the settings available for the Solciit Items form displayed on the event website.