What Will It Cost Us To Use Credit Cards?

How much will it cost?Are there any additional costs?

Auctria currently provides integrations for the Stripeopen in new window and Authorize.Netopen in new window credit card payment processing services.

The fees associated with these services as well as the fees for using these services through the Auctria integration are explained in detail on the following pages:

These pages go into more detail on the costs associated with using the integrated credit card processing services through Auctria as well as the Auctria plan-based fees that will be applied.


There are no fees attached to credit card transactions processed outside of Auctria; and, there are no fees attached to other payment methods (see Checkout Payment Options for more details) you might use in Auctria.


It is important to note the organization will always be paying the credit card processing fees and the Auctria integration fees on credit card transactions only.

When a bidder pays the fees, they will be paying an extra amount. This extra payment amount is based on the the credit card processing fees plus the Auctria integration fees and applied to their balance during checkout.

This extra payment amount will cover the fees being charged leaving the entire donation, purchase, and winning bid amounts to the organization.

Processing Fees - Example: Surcharge Fees

Last reviewed: January 2023
What Will It Cost Us To Use Credit Cards?