# Auction Team Organizers

For the most part, the following will be providing links and references within the User Guide to sections and/or specific pages where you will be able to gather more information about the role of Auction Team Organizers.

# Getting Started

There is a great deal of information in the User Guide, in general, although when you are Getting Started you may find it easiest to read through the Auctria Walkthroughs as well as the Using Auctria and Concepts sections although the following pages should serve you well when Getting Started.

# Additional Features And Options

# Advanced Features And Functionality

Auctria Launch PRO-TIP

Let Us Do The Work For You
Our Auctria Launch (opens new window) Service is a per event add-on to your Auctria subscription plan that takes the event set-up work off your to-do list. Our dedicated Auctria Launch team will put together the fundraising event on the Auctria platform so you get more free time.

# Returning Organizers

# More About Organizers

# Organizers - Online Only

# Organizers - In-Person Gala

# Organizers - Donation Only

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