# Setting Up A Donation Only Website

Setting Up A Donation Only Website is one of the easiest and most straight-forward event websites to use in Auctria.

# Create The Website

Once you have gone through the Initial Setup you will need to finish up with creating your website. In this case, simply choose the Basic: Donations Only template and all the major work is done.


For a bit more visual details click on the Preview template button on the How To Create A New Website page.

# Make The Site Your Own

You may find that the default Donation Element does not have the Donation Levels you want to use, you can make those changes by Setting Donation Levels you want.

You can make adjustments to the Progress Tracker element as well such as changing the fundraiser Progress Tracker element's Type Thermometer Target amount.

You can also make other changes to the "basic" website by using the Website Editor.

# Enable Bidder Registration

Although you may not have any bidding for a Donation Only website you will still need to enable Bidder Registration/Checkout as it is required for the checkout portion when donors make their payments.

Start by clicking on Website -> Bidder Registration from the main Auction Dashboard menu.


This will open the Bidder Registration dashboard. Scroll down to the Online Bidder Registration.


You will need to set Enable online bidder registration and ticket purchases to Yes.


Remember to click the "checkmark" icon to save your change after making them in a settings section.

Although your event was live immediately, your Donors will now be able to pledge their donation and make their payments.

# Further Options

You can now continue to add items to your event and make further customizations as needed.

  • See the Credit Cards Concepts section to learn about how to accept credit card payments through our integrated credit card processing services.
  • Add details about your Donors to help promote them online using a Donor Catalog.

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