How To Sell Ticket Bundles

January 2023: the current dashboard release has new graphics and some interface changes. Many screenshots still reflect the older release and will be updated shortly.

A fairly common occurrence for in-person events is to Sell Ticket Bundles. This is often either more than one of the single admission Tickets item or a package of Tickets consisting of multiple single admission Tickets items (and possible other swag like items).


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Packaging Tickets

If you are planning to go the package route of selling multiple Tickets per transaction, or including something other than Tickets with your package, you may need to create a Basket item to represent the package of items.

If you want to sell multiples of Tickets (and often at a discounted price), for example you sell your single admission Tickets for $150.00 each but also want to sell a Table of 8 for $1000.00. You can do this easily by creating a second item, for example, Table of 8 Tickets to work as your "bundle", "ticket package", "multi-ticket item", etc. with the appropriate number admissions set in its details.

If it is also important to manage the number of tickets available, the key is to enable the Is basket lot/package? property in the Options panel of the ticket package item. This can be done during item creation or you can enable the property afterward. This is also required in order to connect the single ticket with the item representing multiple tickets.


Enabling the Is basket lot/package? property adds the Contents tab to the item details page for the specific item (see Basket And Packages for more details about this feature set).


Under the Contents tab you will use the Include for sale items section to include the single Tickets item at the appropriate quantity.


From an example Table For 8 Tickets item.


In this example, since the multiple Tickets item uses the single Tickets item you can set an available quantity for the single Tickets item and Auctria will manage an appropriate limit on the number of multiple Tickets item sales that can be made.


The Maximum Number Of Tickets To Sell Across All Ticket Items property, if set, will take precedence over Basket item content quantity limits. This is often the best approach.

Not only can multiple Tickets be added to the package, you can also add any additional items that may be suitable as well. There may be swag or special items only for groups of participants, etc.

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Single Admission Quantity Website Purchase

The other option to Sell Ticket Bundles is to simply let your guests purchase multiples of the single admission Tickets item. You can also have an organizer use the Sell Tickets function and set an appropriate quantity as needed.


An Auction Website example single Tickets item with a quantity selector.

Auction Dashboard Quantity Tickets Purchase

As an example, you have a Table For 8 but a VIP group has asked to have a "Table For 9" added for them. You can use the Sell Tickets function to sell the group the 9 Tickets items.


An example of using the Sell Tickets function for 9 admission Tickets.

Next, use the Add A Table function to create their table.


An Add Table dashboard based on the above scenario.

For more information about Tables And Seating see the section under Bidders in our User Guide.

In some cases, you may need to find a "work-around" to accomplish what you need. Most are fairly simple although may involve a few steps.

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Reviewed: January 2023