# How To Add Raffle Tickets (new location)

Auctria only provides the means to sell "lots" that represent the "raffle tickets".
When you Run A Raffle using Auctria you will need to have a method to actually assign raffle ticket numbers to bidders as well as pick the winning ticket.


# Create Raffle Ticket

Raffle Tickets are best created as For Sale Items, where you can set a number of tickets to be available and the price of each ticket is set in the For Sale Item Value field.

It is strongly recommended to use the RAFFLE tag on your Raffle Ticket items to assist with other related features (see Use Raffle Tickets Section below).


An example of a minimal Raffle Ticket item before saving.

You have the option to let the system automatically provide an Item #; or, you can optionally choose to set an item number such as Raffle_Ticket.

Using a custom item number might allow you to provide participants with a direct URL such as, in this case, https://charity.bids/demo/raffle_ticket... just make certain to use a web-friendly item number if you want to use this approach.

If you have a limited number of Raffle Tickets available, you can set that Quantity in the For Sale Items section either when creating the item; or, you can Edit Item Details later to set the quantity.

You can also add an image related to your Raffle Ticket during the item creation or afterward by editing the item details. See Images and Links for more information on this.

# Create Raffle Ticket Books

If you want to sell multiples of a Raffle Ticket (and often at a discounted price), for example you sell your single Raffle Ticket for $5.00 but also want to sell 4 for $15.00. You can do this easily by creating a second item, for example, Raffle Tickets to work as your "book of tickets", "ticket package", "multi-ticket item", etc. raffle ticket item.

The key to this approach is to enable the Is basket lot/package? property in the Options panel of the Item. This can be done during item creation or you can enable the property afterward. This is also required in order to connect the single ticket with the item representing multiple tickets.


Enabling the Is basket lot/package? property adds the Contents tab to the item details page for the specific item (see Baskets & Packages for more details about this feature set).


Under the Contents tab you will use the Include for sale items section to include the single Raffle Ticket at the appropriate quantity...


From an example multiple tickets Raffle Ticket item.


Following the example of selling 4 for $15.00.

Since the multiple ticket Raffle Tickets item uses the single ticket Raffle Ticket item you can set an available quantity for the single ticket and Auctria will manage an appropriate limit on the number of multiple ticket sales that can be made.

# Display Raffle Tickets

There are a few different approaches that can be taken to display your Raffle Ticket items, the most common being in a stand-alone page or including them within other auction catalogs.

# Use Raffle Tickets Section

The easiest approach for a stand-alone page is to use the Add New Page function and select the pre-built section for Raffle Tickets.

This approach relies on the recommendation Raffle Ticket items should have the RAFFLE tag applied as a best practice when creating these items to help with display, organization, reporting, etc.


An example page using the Raffle Tickets pre-built section and a demo event.

# Include In Auction Catalog

By default, most auction catalogs have a default condition configuration that only displays "biddable" items (What Are Biddable Items?), to include your Raffle Tickets in your auction catalog you may be able to simply adjust the current condition to include For Sale items.


An example of a default "biddable" item only auction catalog Condition setting.

See the Configure Items Displayed page as well as the FAQ Why Won't My Items Show In The Catalog? for more information on this.

# Include With Admission Tickets

It may be a case where you want to provide your participants with the opportunity to purchase their Raffle Tickets when they are purchasing other Tickets items (those generally representing in-person event admission or similar needs).

You can configure your Raffle Ticket to be included with your Tickets items by enabling its For Sale Items property Show in default web purchase element. This will then add the Raffle Ticket into the same catalog used in the most common approach for displaying "admission" tickets for sale.


With the above option enabled for the Raffle Ticket it would now be displayed appropriately on the Tickets page (when using the pre-built Ticket Sales section).


An example Tickets page with both Raffle Tickets and Admission Tickets in the same catalog.

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