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Auctria provides you with the tools can use to create an auction/event website for your fundraiser.

Your auction website can be use to promote your fundraising event as well as include opportunities for your guests to preview auction items, register as bidders, purchase Tickets to the "in-person" event as well as other For Sale Items, participate in Silent Auctions online "pre-bidding" (see How To Set-Up Online Pre-Bidding), auctions with online only bidding, and more...

You might also just simply make it possible for your guests to make "cash" donations! See How To Add Cash Donations To Website for more details on this.

# Create Your Auction Website

When you first start with Auctria your Organization will not have a website created although this is a straight-forward process to get a website setup and be publicly available. There are a few ways to get started and Create Your Auction Website.

From the main Auction Dashboard you can click on the "Auction web site" block, or scroll to the bottom of the page (if needed) and click on the Website sidebar entry.


This will open the Website dashboard where you will find a video to help with explaining the process of adding a website as well as numerous templates to use as a starting point.


Choose the template that most closely matches what you want to use for the event website by clicking its Select template button. Your template choice will be used to create your website and insert the elements that you will likely need based on the template theme.

The website will be immediately created when you click the Select template button.

You can always customize the website and its elements to suit your specific requirements afterward. See Website Editor for more details on this.

# Define the Website Address

After the website has been created you will still need to set its "address". Click the "pencil" icon to edit the Address field.


Website Addresses should only use letters, numbers, and hyphens (-). The use of any other type of "special character" or "punctuation" could potentially make your auction website unreachable.


The Address is the portion of the URL after www.charityauction.bid/. Generally, your guests should be able to easily recognize the address being connected to your organization or to the current fundraiser event.

Make certain to click the "checkmark" icon to save the Address you entered.


# Viewing Your Website

You can quickly access your Website dashboard from any Auction Dashboard page -- just click the yellow "world" icon at the top of the sidebar on the left side of the screen.


You can also click on Website and then use either of the blue website addresses; click on the View Website button; or, click on the Edit Website button.


# Customizing Your Website

When the website is opened in "editor mode" it will allow you to make updates and changes to the site. There is more information on customizing the website in our User Guide under Website Editor.

# More About Websites (updated)

The following additional User Guide sections and pages may be of assistance:

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