How To Add Event Tickets To Your Website

The Auctria platform uses a dedicated Tickets item for admissions to the "in-person" event being held by the organization and as a bidding restriction option. The Tickets items themselves are specially configured For Sale Items -- essentially the Admission Tickets Included value has been set.

To add Tickets to your auction website for your event: you will need to create Tickets items; and, choose a method to display those Tickets.

Create Tickets

From the main Auction Dashboard, go to Tickets and then click the Add Ticket Item button.


The most common use for the Tickets item is for admission to an "in-person" event being held by the fundraising organization.

Display Tickets

Once you have your Tickets created and have set any additional options you want to use with them, you will need to make them available to your potential guests to purchase.

Ticket Sales Section

The most common approach to displaying tickets is to create their own page. There is a "Pre-built" Ticket Sales section that helps to make this quick and easy.


An example passthrough creating a "Tickets" page and inserting the "Ticket Sales" Pre-built section.

  • Add New Page The Pre-Built Section can be triggered as part of the Add New Page function which also provides for a "Tickets" menu entry on your auction website main menu.
  • Add To Existing Page Adding a new section (see Add Section for more details) to an existing page will also allow you to insert the pre-built Ticket Sales section into that specific page.

Item Catalog Configuration

The Ticket Sales section provides a pre-configured Item Catalog that uses the condition Items marked 'Show in default web purchase element' only.


The Item Catalog uses a default Tickets 'For Sale Items' option that is set when creating tickets.

The Item Catalog conditions can be further edited, see Configure Items Displayed for more information on how to make these changes, as needed.

Add Tickets To Existing Item Catalog (advanced)

Although often best to have Tickets be displayed on their own page, or with other For Sale items, you might also want to add them to an existing Item Catalog.

You can do this by re-configuring the conditions that are being used in the existing catalog following the information available on the Configure Items Displayed page.


Which conditions you would use for this approach will depend on several factors to ensure your Tickets items are displayed as well as maintaining the catalog's current contents.

Required To Bid Option

An additional option built into Auctria requires bidders to have purchased a ticket before they are allowed to bid on any available items.

This "required to bid" option is available under Online Bidding Who Can Bid -- Only ticket holders are allowed to bid. The default for this option is No (or disabled).


Reviewed: January 2023