# Giving Tuesday (new location)


Giving Tuesday is a global day for Charity.

  • When: 1st Tuesday after U.S. Thanksgiving.
  • Where: Global.
  • What: One common purpose, to celebrate and encourage giving.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday… GIVING TUESDAY has become a movement that celebrates and supports giving and philanthropy. For more Information see www.givingtuesday.org.

You can efficiently capitalize on this day of giving. Get set-up now and be ready for the #GivingTuesday spotlight.

# Video: Giving Tuesday 2020: Auctria set-up demonstration

Auctria Video 2020-10-01

# Create Your Giving Tuesday Event

  1. Go under Organization on your main Auction Dashboard


  1. Click on Organization > Giving Tuesday to open the Create Event page for your organization's Giving Tuesday event.


  1. Click on Create Event and the Auctria system will create a Giving Tuesday auction website pre-populated with donation items to allow donations.


Using this approach for your Giving Tuesday website requires the Credit Card Processing Integration be enabled for your organization on the Auctria platform.

# Giving Tuesday Website

The Giving Tuesday Website address is generated using the current year and a randomized identifier to help ensure there are no conflicts with other organizations using Auctria for their Giving Tuesday event.


An example Giving Tuesday 2020 website address.

By default, the website address was created containing a random number. You can edit the Website Address block to provide something more memorable for your organization. See Website Dashboard for more details.

# Customizing Giving Tuesday

You can further Customize Your Giving Tuesday event website by adding more pages, sections, and elements to make the website more your own and showcase your organization's goals and ideals.

# Video: Auctria Giving Tuesday website examples

Auctria Video 2020-11-23

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