Email Bidders With A Balance

One of the more common Communications you might want to send out is a Bidder Statement to those Bidders With A Balance.


An example passthrough sending a Bidder Statement to Bidders With A Balance.

  1. From the main Auction Dashboard, click through the Bidders sidebar menu item to the Bidders Dashboard.
  2. From the Bidders Dashboard, scroll down and click through Statements and then Email Statements to bring you to the Email Bidders dashboard.
  3. Click on the Recipients option menu (three vertical dots at the far-right) to open its filter selector and choose the Bidder With A Balance option. The listed Recipients will automatically update.
  4. Click Send Statements and your done!

Bidder Dashboard

From the Bidder Dashboard you can click through the Statements button under the sidebar Communication menu.


Bidder Statements

From the Bidder Statements dashboard you can click through the Email Statements button under the Actions sidebar menu.


Bidder Statements Recipients

From the Bidder Statements - Send dashboard you can select the appropriate Recipients filter by clicking on its options menu (three vertical dots) at the far-right of its section header.


Recipients Filter

The Recipients filter defaults to the Bidders With Activity option with the bidders that will be send the email being displayed in the list below.

Changing the Recipients filter will automatically update the listed bidders.


The Bidders With A Balance filter will only send to those with unpaid accounts.
An example taken from a demonstration event.

The Recipients filter is used in many places. There are many common uses with other System Emails as well as Custom Emails such as, for example, sending "Thank You" notes to your fundraiser participants.

 ∞ Custom Emails

Send Statements

Once you have your Recipients filter set appropriately, you can click on the Send Statements button under the Actions sidebar menu. This will pop-up a confirmation window noting how many bidders will be emailed.


Clicking the Continue button will send the email statements.

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Reviewed: March 2023