Auctria Walkthroughs

January 2023: the current dashboard release has new graphics and some interface changes. Many screenshots still reflect the older release and will be updated shortly.

Welcome to the Auctria Walkthroughs section!

This information will help guide you through many of the key setup screens and options your Organization may want for their event.

Recommended Reading

If you haven't reviewed the Using Auctria section, we recommend looking it over before diving into your own event setup.


  • Not all steps may apply to your Organization when setting up your event.
  • You may be able to skip some steps with features you are not considering using.
  • You can always go back and add, or modify, features in the future.
Creating an Auctria account and setting up your organization.
Information for getting your Giving Tuesday event up and running on Auctria.
Creating an Auctria event and setting up your auction website.
Walkthroughs for common features and functions found in Auctria.
Information you can use at the end of your event.
Closing out your auction and wrapping things up.
Additional information on various topics surrounding the use of the Auctria platform and its features and functionality.


You are more than welcome to explore our Demo Auction to learn, hands-on, about how the Auctria platform works without changing anything in your own account.

Video Showcase: Auctria Event Fundraising Websites

Things To Think About

As you work through the guides, it is helpful to consider the following ideas:

What kind of auction/event will this be?
  • an event based on the "traditional" silent and/or live style of auction;
  • an event with mobile/online bidding throughout;
  • an online only event; or,
  • a combination of some or all of the above.
What do you want to use Auctria for?
  • tracking auction items;
  • online (only) bidding;
  • selling event tickets;
  • selling items for fixed price (eg. raffle tickets);
  • receiving donations;
  • etc.
For online features, what will you be using the event website for?
  • preview items;
  • bid on items;
  • sell event tickets;
  • sell items for fixed price (eg. raffle tickets);
  • highlight donors, and/or sponsors;
  • collect cash donations and/or solicit items;
  • more...

Considering and/or deciding on the above while you review these Walkthroughs will help you set up some of the key pieces for your event.

Staying Up-To-Date

In an effort to help with keeping readers up-to-date, we use flags to indicate when content is updated and/or added to the User Guide. The following legend may be of assistance:

(new) new content (often added within the last three to four months)
(updated) updated content (generally updated within last three to four months)
(advanced) advanced usage reference, may not be directly supported
(archived) archived content, may no longer be applicable but retained for reference

NOTE: Other "Flags" may be found. The above are the most common in the User Guide.

Reviewed: March 2023