# Tags (updated)

Tags are a way of organizing Bidders, Donors, and Items.

Tags have a great many possible uses within Auctria, for example:

  • multiple tags can be applied to a single record;
  • Auctria does not pre-define tags, they are entirely up to you;
  • you can add and remove tags at any time;
  • lists and reports can often be filtered by tags;
  • many features allow you to select records based on tags such as generating bid sheets for just some items or sending an email to a select group of bidders;
  • tags can be modified en-masse from the report pages;
  • tags can be added through an Excel import although you cannot remove tags in the same manner;
  • tags can be used to allow auction website visitors to filter the items displayed in Item Catalogs

Tags should only use letters, numbers, hyphens (-), and underscore (_) characters.
Entering a tag using a comma or space will create a tag from the letters before the comma or space and start another tag using the characters entered after the comma or space.

Although a tag cannot have spaces, you can use an underscore _ or a hyphen - to create a "separation" between multiple words in a tag, for example: another_tag or extra-tag. There is also the option to use camelCase for multi-word tags such as myGreatTagIdeaNumber1.

# Add Tags

You can Add Tags to records when you are first entering the record.


# Modifying Tags

Tags are shown on the corresponding details page for a record:


You can directly remove, or add new, tags in the Tags control box.

Click on the x on the left-side of a tag to delete it from the record or type a new tag to add it. Click on the X at the far-right of the control box to remove all tags from the record.

# Tag Maintenance

You can do some Tag cleanup under your Organization dashboard page via its Actions sidebar menu item Tag Maintenance.


Clicking on this option opens the Tag Maintenance window.


Clicking on the x on the left side of an Unused Tags item will remove it from your organization.


To remove a tag that is still in use, you will also need to click on the Enable used tag deletion option under Actions in the sidebar.


See Tag Maintenance for more details on this.

# Filtering With Tags

On list pages, click on the Tags icon and enter a tag to filter using that specific tag.



You can optionally "Show records with tags" or records without the tag by un-checking the option.

Filtering a report by tags, and then using the Make mass changes feature to modify all of those records, can be a powerful technique for working with your auction data.

# Selecting With Tags

If you are using a control when Choosing Items, Choosing Bidders, or Choosing Donors you can select those records based on Tags, for example you would use the Items Based On Tags option in the selector when working with items.


Just enter the specific Tag(s) you want to use as your selection criteria and the appropriate items will be selector. If you use more than one Tag it will work as a "logical" OR selection.


# Filtering Item Catalog Reports (updated)

You can use Tags to allow you to set publicly visible tags in the Item Catalog that will allow visitors to filter the displayed items based on the tag options they choose.


An example of what your tags may look like in the auction catalog if set.

You can improve the tag "readability" by optionally setting their display text in the Tag Options text field. For example, myTag: My Tag, tagged: Tagged, Electronics will only display My Tag, Tagged, and Electronics respectively in the Item Catalog but will use the tags myTag, tagged, and Electronics when filtering items.

For more details on this feature set, see the Item Catalog page section on Tag Options.

Last Revised: 2021-10-18
Last Updated: 10/18/2021, 1:45:42 PM