Tags are a way of organizing bidder, donor and item records.

  • multiple tags can be applied to a single record
  • Auctria does not pre-define tags, it is entirely up to you
  • you can add & remove tags at any time
  • lists & reports can often be filtered by tags
  • many other features allow you to select records based on tags. For example, generating bid sheets for just some items, or sending an email to a group of bidders.
  • tags can be modified en-masse from the report pages
  • tags can be added through an Excel import though not removedT

Add Tags

You can add tags to records when you are first entering the record.


Modifying tags

Tags are shown on the corresponding details page for a record:


You can directly remove or add new tags in the Tags control.

Click on the X icon next to a tag to delete it from the record, or type a new tag to add it.

Filtering with tags

On the list pages click on the Tags icon to filter by them:



You can option to show records with the tag or records without the tag.

Filtering a report by tags and then using the Mass Change feature to modify all those records can be a powerful technique for working with your auction data.

Selecting with tags

When using a control to Choosing Items, Choosing Bidders, or Choosing Donors you can select records based on tags:



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