Tags are a way of organizing bidder, donor, and item records.

  • multiple tags can be applied to a single record.
  • Auctria does not pre-define tags, they are entirely up to you.
  • you can add and remove tags at any time.
  • lists and reports can often be filtered by tags.
  • many features allow you to select records based on tags such as generating bid sheets for just some items or sending an email to a select group of bidders.
  • tags can be modified en-masse from the report pages.
  • tags can be added through an Excel import although you cannot remove tags in the same manner.


Tags should only use letters, numbers, hyphens (-), and underscore (_) characters.
Entering a tag using a comma or space will create a tag from the letters before the comma or space and start another tag using the characters entered after the comma or space.

Although a tag cannot have spaces, you can use an underscore _ or a hyphen - to create a "separation" between multiple words in a tag, for example: another_tag or extra-tag.

Add Tags

You can add tags to records when you are first entering the record.


Modifying tags

Tags are shown on the corresponding details page for a record:


You can directly remove, or add new tags, in the Tags control box.

Click on the x on the left-side of a tag to delete it from the record or type a new tag to add it. Click on the X at the far-right of the control box to remove all tags from the record.

Filtering with tags

On list pages, click on the Tags icon and enter a tag to filter using that specific tag.



You can optionally "Show records with tags" or records without the tag by un-checking the option.

Filtering a report by tags, and then using the Make mass changes feature to modify all of those records, can be a powerful technique for working with your auction data.

Selecting with tags

When using a control to Choose Items, Choose Bidders, or Choose Donors you can select records based on tags.



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