Auctria has a general purpose search bar you can use. Click on the search icon in the header to access it:


You can also quickly open the search bar by pressing Ctrl-Shift-F on your keyboard.


Inside the search bar enter a few characters about what you are searching for and wait for the system to search for the results:


The system will search for items, bidders and donors that match what you have typed in.

Click on a row to jump to the relevant details page for that item.

Search Commands

There are a number of special search commands you can use the quickly navigate the site:

Jump to item:

Type :i <item#> and press enter to quickly jump to a specific item, for example:


Jump to bidder:

Likewise for bidders type :b <bidder#> and press enter to quickly jump to a specific bidder.

The following commands can be used to jump to specific pages:

  • :bid
  • :checkout or :co
  • :dash ... jumps to the auction dashboard
  • :web ... opens the auction web site
Last Updated: 12/10/2018, 5:41:54 PM