# Your Profile

A single email address can be associated with multiple roles in Auctions, and across Organizations.

As a user/administrator you can click on your email address in the page header to see your Profile, or select the Options Menu (three vertical dots) and click on My Profile. You can switch to a different role by clicking on the appropriate event on the ROLES tab.



In the User roles section, you can view the Organizations that you have a User Role at. Clicking on the Organization name will switch you to that Organization and Role.

If you are a bidder in an Auction, it will be shown in the Bidder roles section. Clicking on the event will switch to that auction.



Under the DETAILS tab, you can view your "Email address" and edit your "Full name" in the User panel.

In the Connections panel you can see if your email address is confirmed as well as any social network confirmed connections.


# Your Account

Under the Your Account sidebar menu, you have the Change Password, Sign in via Facebook, and Delete Account options. See My Profile for more details.

# Email

Under the Email sidebar menu, you have View Email History (emails generated within Auctria), Email Preferences, and Send Sign-in Email (containing a sign-in link) options.

# View Email History

You can find various email communications sent from Auctria to your email account which, if you are the Organizer/Contact email address, will include any "Auctria Receipts" for the Organization such as the License plan receipt and any Text Messaging set up receipts.


# Email Preferences

This opens the Email Settings page. We want you to be able to control the emails you receive from us, which are designed to keep you informed about what is going on.


# Send Sign-In Email

Clicking the Send Sign-In Email option will trigger an email to the account address and produce a success banner across the top of the screen.


# My Account (Auction Website)

With the new Website Editor, you can also provide a "My Account" menu entry where a bidder can update their own details as they relate to the current event logged into and registered for.

 ∞ My Account (Bidder Experience)


You can also use the Create New Organization button to create another Organization (under an Explorer subscription plan). See Create New Organization for more information.

Reviewed: 2022-04-13
Last Updated: 4/13/2022, 3:52:39 PM