# Navigate the Site

Welcome to Auctria! In this section, you will learn how to access the different functions, and features, of Auctria as you prepare for and run your own auction/event.

# Video: Auctria Basic Navigation

# Explore the Main Page

After signing in, you will land on the main page where you can use the main menu to navigate to different feature sets and use the Auction Dashboard to see an overview of your event.


The left-hand side of the screen contains the main menu. The current section will be highlighted. Click on a section to open its specific dashboard.

This main menu is always available on every page allowing you to easily move around the site.


You can collapse the menu by clicking on the "three line" icon in the top-left corner.


To expand the menu, use the arrow (>) icon at the bottom of the list.

# Use Shortcut Icons

At the top of the menu are three shortcut icons:


These icons are shortcuts to:

  • the item list
  • the bidder list
  • the auction web site (which will open in a separate browser tab)

# Follow Breadcrumbs

As you click through different pages they will appear as a 'breadcrumb' trail at the top of the page allowing you to easily jump back to a previous page by clicking on the breadcrumb link.


# Search the Site

To search all of Auctria, click the Search icon in the upper right corner of the main page.


Type the name, or term, you are looking for and click one of the results to open its details page.


# Access More Options

A menu icon (3 dots) appears on many pages in Auctria. Clicking this menu icon will show a list of options. Clicking an option will access that functionality.


On the main page, the menu in the upper-right allows you to:


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