# Customizing Giving Tuesday

There are a number of ways you can configure a Giving Tuesday event.


Most of the website elements you will not want to edit although there are several components of the default website you can adjust if needed.

# Customize Header


The header image can be changed although if changed the default image will no longer be available for the site.

# Main Content

The Main Content of the Giving Tuesday website can also have its elements customized.

# Customize Countdown


The Countdown element is already preset with the current Giving Tuesday date so its time will be correct although you can still make adjustments to some of the styles involved with it.

# Customize the Donation Items


The template creates a number of default donation items of different values. These items have images that are used with the specific settings of the "Catalog" element displaying the donation items.

Click on Items -> All Items, then double-click a donation item to edit its details. See Item Details for more information on how to edit items.

# Adding New Donation Items

You can add new items with a specific type of Donation to automatically have them appear on the website in the same catalog.

# Removing Donation Items

To delete donation items either delete each item individually, or use the Item list report to select multiple items to be deleted.


A confirmation window will pop-up and you will need to click "continue" to delete the items.

# Customize Donation Thermometer


You can quickly and easily change the goal amount for your Giving Tuesday event as well as set other relevant information for the Thermometer element to help show you visitors how successful your fundraiser is proceeding.

# Customize Thank You Message


The Thank You Message consists of a row with two columns.

# Thank You Text


A Thank You Text default message about Giving Tuesday is displayed in a Text element. Double-clicking on the text will open the "Edit Content" window.


# Thank You Image


A default Thank You Image is displayed. Double-clicking on the image will open the "Choose Image" window.



The default image, if changed, will no longer be available for the site.

The Footer consists of an "Image" element with a stylized hashtag image for Giving Tuesday and a Footer element which can be edited although it defaults to your organization's contact details if they have been entered.


The Footer element shows a "Contact Us" section with Organization Details and a "Connect With Us" section with the Organization's Social Media Links.

The default website has a home page and a donations page. You can customize the website further following the instructions in the Website Editor section.

Last Updated: 8/14/2020, 8:24:50 PM