# Customizing Giving Tuesday (new location)

During the Create Event process for Giving Tuesday a default event website is created to provide the essentials for most organizations.


There are a number of ways you can configure a Giving Tuesday event. Most of the default website elements you will not want to edit although there are several elements you can adjust if needed.

By default, the website will have a "Home" page as well as several system generated pages. Please see the Website section of the User Guide for more detailed information.

# Customize Header Section

The Header section of the website contains a banner and a default menu.


# Header Banner Image

The header image can be changed although, if changed, the default image will no longer be available for the site. See Image for more details about this element.

# Header Menu

The Menu uses the Header element. See Configure Menu Entries for more information on how this element can be modified.

# Customize Countdown Element

At the top of the page is a Countdown element with a default Left to give! title at a larger font size and a custom Target time set to the end of the day for December 1, 2020 (Giving Tuesday 2020).


The Countdown Title is part of the Targets setting. To change the title you will need to click on the Configure button and then modify the text as needed.


Click Save, if you have made changes, to close the pop-up window; or, click Cancel if you do not want to save your changes or to simply close the pop-up window.

# Customize Donation Element

A Donation Element, configured as a Wide Item Card, with multiple donation amounts as well as an open Amount field is inserted by default to allow you donors to make their donations.


The default image can be modified clicking the Select Image button. This will open a Choose Image view to select an image from. See the Cash Donation Mode section of the Donation Element page for more information. More information on Setting Donation Levels is also available.

# Customize Thermometer Element

A Progress Tracker element using the Thermometer is added to show how well your Giving Tuesday event is progressing. The default options used with the element include the "Help us reach our goal!" Title as well as using the Total Income as the Amount Source and the event's default fundraising target as the Target Amount.


A Target Amount left blank will use the event's fundraising target amount. This amount should be set at the Auction Details level or within the properties of this inserted element for your Giving Tuesday event.

You can quickly and easily change the goal amount for your Giving Tuesday event as well as set other relevant information for the Thermometer element to help show you visitors how successful your fundraiser is proceeding.

The Thermometer Target Amount, if set, will override the event fundraising target amount.

# Customize Thank You Message Section


The Thank You Message consists of a row with two columns.

# Customize Thank You Text Element


A "Thank You" default message about Giving Tuesday is displayed in a Text Element. Double-clicking on the text will open an "Edit Content" window where you can update the message as needed.


# Customize Thank You Image Element


A default "Thank You" image is displayed. Double-clicking on the image will open the Choose Image editor window.


The default image, if changed, will no longer be available for the site.

This section consists of two rows: an Image element (a stylized hashtag image for Giving Tuesday); and, a Footer element.


The image element can be changed as needed (see Edit Image for more details on this); and, the Footer element shows a Contact Us section using the default Organization Details and a Connect With Us section using the Organization's Social Media Links, if entered.

Moved: 2021-10-21
Last Updated: 12/3/2021, 3:28:20 PM