# Auctria Costs

Auctria aims to offer an affordable platform for groups of all sizes to maximize their fundraising events.

We are often asked about the costs associated with using Auctria.

We believe this information should be easily accessible and there should never be any surprises about fees. There are currently three possible fees for using Auctria:

  • License Fees
  • (optional) Credit Card Fees for integrated credit card processing
  • (optional) Texting Costs

# License Fees

Auctria licenses are based on a 12-month subscription.
You can view the current plans in our Online Store.

Licenses can be directly purchased from the online store using a credit card.
We do not accept check payments.

Your license fee will not automatically renew. We do not save your credit card.

We hope you will choose to renew your subscription in future years but you will have to go into the online store and enter payment details again to do so.

# Credit Card Fees

If you are using the integrated credit card processing features, there is a fee we charge ranging from 0.2% - 0.5% depending on the plan. This is in addition to the fees charged by your payment processor.

See Credit Card Costs and Processing Fees for more details about credit card fees.

If you do not use the integrated credit card processing features these fees do not apply.

You can record cash, or check payments (or payments processed in any other way outside of Auctria), without any additional fees using the Checkout page.

# Texting Costs

Bidders can participate in online bidding via text message; and, you can use text messages to communicate with your bidders.

Enabling text based bidding, the first time, costs $50 to provision an auction phone number in the area code you choose and includes the first 1,000 text messages. Additional blocks of 1,000 text messages are $25 per 1,000 text messages.

Text messages are associated with the organization, any excess can be rolled over to another event.

Once set up, the auction phone number can be transferred to a new auction at no additional cost although the phone number can only be associated with a single event at a time.

Last Updated: 9/10/2019, 4:42:31 PM