# Popular Pages (updated)

A curated collection of popular and often referenced User Guide pages.

  • Online Bidding
    • Often referenced for the Online Bidding Period start and end time settings as well as Online Bidding Behavior, Bid Extension Rules, and default sent bidder Notifications.
  • Bidder Registration/Checkout
    • Often used in reference to enabling Online Bidder Registration and related information such as Online Payment Options, Meal Choices and Contact Options for bidders at an event.
  • Selling Items
    • A comparison of the most common approaches when Selling Items using a For Sale Item type or a Buy It Now Only configured (Silent, Live, or Online) item.
  • Run A Raffle
    • A common fundraising activity is to have a "Raffle", this is how we handle these ideas in Auctria.
  • Website Editor
    • A collection of articles explaining the features and functions of Auctria and how to insert them into the auction website.
  • Allow Multiple Winners
    • Often you will only have a single quantity available for an item to be won although there are cases where you may have more than one available for your bidders to win.
  • Choosing Columns
    • This feature set allows you to change the columns that are being used in almost all reports and list views of items, bidders, donors, etc.
  • Mass Changes
    • There may be times when multiple pieces of data may need to be changed at once. The Mass Changes function provides this utility.
  • Online Pre-Bidding Versus Online Bidding
    • A comparison of Online (digital only) auctions versus Silent (paper-based, in-person event) auctions as well as how they can work together.
  • Notifications
    • This page focuses on if, and/or when, a Notification is sent from the Auctria platform as well as whether it will be send by email and/or if be sent via (optional) Text Message.
  • Configure Items Displayed
    • Changing the types or conditions used to display items in your auction catalog (Item Catalog) is easy to do using the Conditions options available.
  • Setting Donation Levels
    • Often times a single donation amount is not what you are looking for when you have a Donation Item or Cash Donation element on your website. There is an easy option you can set to have variable amounts as well as an open amount field.

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