# Popular Pages

A curated collection of popular and often referenced User Guide pages.

  • Online Bidding
    • Often referenced for the Online Bidding Period start and end time settings as well as Online Bidding Behavior, Anti-Sniping Rules, and default sent bidder Notifications.
  • Bidder Registration
    • Often used in reference to enabling Online Bidder Registration and related information such as Online Payment Options, Meal Choices and Contact Options for bidders at an event.
  • Selling Items
    • A comparison of the most common approaches when Selling Items using a For Sale Item type or a Buy It Now Only configured (Silent, Live, or Online) item.
  • Choosing Columns
    • This feature set allows you to change the columns that are being used in almost all reports and list views of items, bidders, donors, etc.
  • Mass Changes
    • There may be times when multiple pieces of data may need to be changed at once. The Mass Changes function provides this utility.
  • Online Pre-Bidding Versus Online Bidding
    • A comparison of Online (digital only) auctions versus Silent (paper-based, in-person event) auctions as well as how they can work together.
  • Notifications
    • This page focuses on if, and/or when, a Notification is sent from the Auctria platform as well as whether it will be send by email and/or if be sent via (optional) Text Message.
  • Configure Items Displayed
    • Changing the types or conditions used to display items in your auction catalog (Item Catalog) is easy to do using the Conditions options available.
  • Setting Donation Levels
    • Often times a single donation amount is not what you are looking for when you have a Donation Item or Cash Donation element on your website. There is an easy option you can set to have variable amounts as well as an open amount field.
  • What Will It Cost Us To Use Credit Cards?
    • Commonly requested, the total fees and costs for using Auctria are affected by the subscription plan pricing as well as the integration of credit card processing via Stripe (or Authorize.Net). This FAQ page provided more information and links to additional specific references to these costs and fees.
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