# New And Update Pages (new)

To help keep up-to- date with New And Updated Pages in our User Guide this page will keep a curated list of those recent changes. Listed in a chronological order from oldest to most recent.

# Staying Up-To-Date

In an effort to help with keeping readers up-to-date, we also use flags to indicate when content is updated and/or added to the User Guide. The following legend may be of assistance:

Flag Explanation
(new) new entry added within last 30 days
(updated) updated entry added within last 30 days
(archived) archived older content, may no longer be applicable
(advanced) advanced usage, may not be directly supported

# New Pages

# Updated Pages

  • Welcome To Auctria
    • https://guide.auctria.com/welcome/
  • Using Auctria
    • https://guide.auctria.com/using_auctria/
  • Item Types
    • https://guide.auctria.com/concepts/item_concepts/item_types/
  • Credit Cards
    • https://guide.auctria.com/concepts/creditcard_concepts/
  • Website Editor
    • https://guide.auctria.com/dashboard/website/website_editor_2020/
  • Virtual Live Auction Items
    • https://guide.auctria.com/auctioneer_experience/virtual_live_gala/virtual_live_auction_items/
  • Image
    • https://guide.auctria.com/dashboard/website/website_content/column_content/image/
  • Item Catalog
    • https://guide.auctria.com/dashboard/website/website_content/row_content/item_catalog/
  • Configure Items Displayed
    • https://guide.auctria.com/dashboard/website/working_with_websites/configure_items_displayed/
  • For Sale Items
    • https://guide.auctria.com/concepts/item_concepts/item_types/forsale_items.html
  • Add Theme Color
    • https://guide.auctria.com/dashboard/website/website_editor_2020/website_theme/add_theme_color/
  • Checkout
    • https://guide.auctria.com/dashboard/checkout/
  • Unknown link 'MoveElements'
    • https://guide.auctria.com/dashboard/website/faq-websites/move_elements/

# Moved Pages

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