# Auctria Callouts (updated)

A Callout is a special container, or wrapper, for a block of content in the User Guide.

Below are the current Callouts that are available; and, aside from those noted as "theme default", all are custom creations added to help provide additional "color" and emphasis where needed.

Callouts: Table Of Contents

# Theme Defaults




# Custom Creations For Auctria



The "hideaway" callout is here -- hiding the contents of its container. 😉












Auctria Launch PRO-TIP




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# Quick Notes

You can "mix and match" Callouts although, in general, this is not commonly done in the User Guide.

The examples all use their default "Title" attribute (first line, if there is bold text); and, all contain the callout's specific identifier. NOTE - the identifier is case-sensitive.

# Recurring Callouts

A curated list of commonly used Callouts found in the User Guide (copy&paste source).

# Bidder Pays Fees


It is important to note the organization will always be paying the credit card processing fees and the Auctria integration fees on credit card transactions only.

When a bidder pays the fees, they will be paying an extra amount. This extra payment amount is based on the the credit card processing fees plus the Auctria integration fees and applied to their balance during checkout.

This extra payment amount will cover the fees being charged leaving the entire donation, purchase, and winning bid amounts to the organization.

 ∞ Processing Fees - Example: Surcharge Fees

  • https://guide.auctria.com/dashboard/credit_cards/settings/

# Staying Up-To-Date

In an effort to help with keeping readers up-to-date, we use flags to indicate when content is updated and/or added to the User Guide. The following legend may be of assistance:

Flag Explanation
(new) new content (often added within the last three to four months)
(updated) updated content (generally updated within last three to four months)
(advanced) advanced usage reference, may not be directly supported
(archived) archived content, may no longer be applicable but retained for reference

NOTE: Other "Flags" may be found. The above are the most common in the User Guide.

  • https://guide.auctria.com/references/new_and_updated/
  • https://guide.auctria.com/using_auctria/
  • https://guide.auctria.com/walkthroughs/
  • https://guide.auctria.com/welcome/

# Additional Flags

Although used sparingly (with the exception of ), these Additional Flags can be found throughout the User Guide.

Flag Explanation
link (infinity symbol) used to denote a link only reference to another page.
(hidden) hidden or archived page - will not appear in User Guide sidebar menu.
(moved) moved used when a page has been moved to a new location.
(new location) new location used when a page has been moved to a new location.
(work in progress) work in progress used as a temporary flag for pages undergoing updates.

# Tickets

Ticket Items should only be used for event admissions and other similar gate-keeping measures. Please do not enable this feature set for items that represent other kinds of "tickets", such as raffle tickets, drink tickets, etc.

  • https://guide.auctria.com/dashboard/tickets/
  • https://guide.auctria.com/dashboard/tickets/working_with_tickets/early_bird_tickets/
  • https://guide.auctria.com/dashboard/communication/email_2020/system_emails/system_emails_summary/
  • https://guide.auctria.com/key_topics/sponsorships/

Auctria only provides the means to sell "lots" that represent the "raffle tickets".
When you Run A Raffle using Auctria you will need to have a method to actually assign raffle ticket numbers to bidders as well as pick the winning ticket.

  • https://guide.auctria.com/concepts/item_concepts/run_raffle/
  • https://guide.auctria.com/concepts/item_concepts/pick_a_prize_raffle/
  • https://guide.auctria.com/concepts/item_concepts/50_50_raffle/
  • https://guide.auctria.com/walkthroughs/more_walkthroughs/add_raffle_tickets/

# Walkthroughs


# Website Address

-- Define the Website Address

After the website has been created you will still need to set its "address". Click the "pencil" icon to edit the Event Website ID address field.

Website Addresses should only use letters, numbers, and hyphens (-). The use of any other type of "special character" or "punctuation" could potentially make your auction website unreachable.


The Event Website ID is the portion of the URL after www.charityauction.bid/. In this case, the default Preferred Domain is being used. There are more auction domains you can choose from, see Set The Website Address for more information on these options.

Generally, your guests should be able to easily recognize the address being connected to your organization or to the current fundraiser event.

Make certain to click the "checkmark" icon to save the Event Website ID you entered.


  • https://guide.auctria.com/walkthroughs/auction_setup/setup_silent_auction/
  • https://guide.auctria.com/walkthroughs/auction_setup/setup_online_auction/
  • https://guide.auctria.com/walkthroughs/auction_setup/setup_forsale_auction/
  • https://guide.auctria.com/walkthroughs/auction_setup/setup_donation_only_event/
  • https://guide.auctria.com/walkthroughs/auction_setup/create_new_website/

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