Setting up an Online Auction

There are 3 main steps to setting up an online auction:

1. Adding Your Items

You can add items under Items -> Add New Item. For a fully online event these should have their type set to Online


You can continue with the rest of the setup process before you finish adding your items.

2. Create A Website

To create a website for the event click on Website -> Create Website


Choose the Event with online bidding template and enter an address for your website


The auction address should be entered with just letters and numbers, no spaces and no punctuation.


3. Set Up The Bidding

Online Bidding Times

Click on Website -> Online Bidding and enter both the start and end online bidding times:


Online bidding will not be enabled until you have specified both a start and end time.

Enable Bidder Registration

Click on Website -> Bidder Registration and enable Bidder Registration


Your event will now be live and bidders will be able to register and then bid within the bidding period.

Further Options

You can continue to add items to your event and also customize it further:

  • See Credit Cards to learn about how to accept credit card payments
  • See Website Editing to learn how to customize the event website with more details about your event.
  • Add details about your Donors to help promote them online
Last Updated: 4/26/2019, 4:54:36 PM