# Auction Training

Often you will need to train other volunteers/staff who will be helping you run your event.

There are a number of ways to provide for this.

# Create a new auction just for testing

You can create a new auction in your existing organization (assuming your license allows for it):

We recommend giving the auction a very obvious title. For example, TEST EVENT, so it is clear from the page header which event is open.

# Use a Lite License

You can create a brand new organization that will have a Lite license which is still sufficient for testing; or sign out and use the sign up link on the sign in page to create a new account under a different email. You could share the new account email address/password credentials with others you want to use it.

# Auctria Demo

There is also the Demo auction you are welcome to use. Signing out of your account first is often easiest before using the Demo auction to test with. This account is available using the links on the right of the sign in page, or you can also access the Demo account directly at www.auctria.com/Demo. The account is pre-populated with some data already so you don't need to spend time adding anything to get started.


If you use the Demo link, it will sign you out of your account automatically.

The advantage of the second and third options are they are not attached to your account and therefore much less likely to cause confusion about which event you are working in.

Also see the FAQ: How Do I Set Up A Mock Or Test Auction? for more details.

Last Updated: 3/30/2020, 8:47:39 PM