# Bidders

You can register Bidders individually through the dashboard, import them from an Excel file, or bidders can also register themselves online if you enable that feature including purchasing Tickets.

Bidder records are created to capture individual guest information such as their name, email address, meal preferences, etc. and to register Credit Cards (if credit card processing is enabled).

Auctria requires a bidder# for every bidder. Even if you are not using bidder#'s in your event.

For example, a guest purchases a raffle ticket through the website. It is a one-time purchase and they pay for the purchase through the website. The software requires a bidder record to record the transaction and the payment history for that guest, even if the guest will not be further involved with the auction. This creates a bidder# during the process.

# Adding Bidders

There are many ways bidders can be added to your auction/event.

# Using the Auction Dashboard

To add bidders from the main Auction Dashboard menu, click on Bidders then click Add New Bidder.


Most of the fields in the form are optional.

  • Bidder#
    You can either assign a bidder#, let the system assign one automatically, or not have a bidder number created. Bidders can also share their bidder# if they are bidding together, see Sharing Bidder Numbers.
  • Last Name
    The bidder's last name is a required field. Sometimes used as a Company's name, if applicable.
  • Email
    Entering an email address will allow invitations and statements to be sent electronically as well as allow for a bidder password to be added to their account and allow for logging in with the email/password credentials. Using this field is recommended.


If credit card processing is enabled, you will also be able to register a credit card against the bidder.

There are a number of other fields available for use, see Bidder Reference for more details.

After entering Bidder information, Click Save Bidder to create the bidder record and set the bidder#.

Bidder Information can be edited at a later time on the Bidder Details page.

# At Bidder Check-In

During an event you can use the Check In Bidders page to quickly check bidders in. Bidders can be assigned a new bidder# at this time, if necessary, or added as a new bidder as they arrive.


# Via Online Registration

Bidders can register through your auction website.

Bidders register using their email address, which also is their login id. By default, when a bidder registers online they will receive a confirmation email. If the template used to create the website was enabled for online bidding, the bidder must create their own password to identify themselves before they are allowed to bid.

When selecting a website template, the Bidder Registration page is included with any of the website templates that include Online Bidding features.


# Via Text Message

If your event is set up for (optional) Text Messages, you can enable bidder registration by text message as well. See Enable Registration By Text for more details.

# Managing Bidders

Bidder details can be changed at any point through the Bidder Details pages. There are more details about working with bidders available in the Bidders section under Running Your Auction

Last Updated: 3/30/2020, 8:08:06 PM