# Website

Auctria provides tools you can use to create a public-facing website.

This can be use to promote the event, including letting bidders preview items, register as bidders, purchase tickets and other sale items, participate in silent auction pre-bidding and/or online bidding, or make donations.

# Creating your Auction Website

Click Website on the bottom of the main navigation on the left.


The Website page will open.


Click Create Website and you will see a list of available website templates.

Choose the one that most closely matches how you want to use the event website.


The template will automatically set up your website with the elements that you will likely need, but you can customize them to suit your specific requirements.

For more information about the event website and different templates see Website under the main Auction Dashboard menu.

# Define the Website Address

For the website address, enter a user friendly identifier for your event website. This is the portion of the website address that will display after www.charityauction.bid/

As you enter your unique auction identifier, your address will preview in blue after charityauction.bid

Check the preview of the website address, shown in blue, to make sure the address is user-friendly and not too long. Do not use spaces or punctuation when entering the website address.

In this example, we typed QuickStartAuction so the auction address would be: www.charityauction.bid/quickstartauction

The customized identifier can be modified at a later time. The charityauction.bid portion is not changeable.


Click on Save Website to finish creating the website.


# Viewing Your Website

You can quickly access your website from the any dashboard page: click the Web Icon in the top left


You can also use the Website page and

  • click either of the blue website addresses
  • or select Edit Website.

# Customizing Your Website

The website will open in 'Editor mode' which will allow you to make updates and changes to the site. There is more information on customizing the website in our User Guide see Old Website Editing.

Last Updated: 3/30/2020, 5:31:12 PM